Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mental BS

How convenient it is to claim to be mentally insane, mentally unbalanced, mentally ill, (or any other phrase that has the same meaning); when we do wrong to others.

Shame on the lawyers that use it as their line of defense, cheap tactics to evade prison and the long arm of the law.

Our “mentally ill” friend here schemed and planned his mission out well, it was not a spur of the moment event, or something that he always did and was not aware of. This was a plot, executed in a timely fashion to achieve sexual satisfaction. Buddy.. Who did you think you’d fool?

In my books there is nothing more worse than capitalizing on a child’s innocence for self gain. This is just one story, and I am sure that we have all heard and read of so many similar sick perverted twisted stories that make your stomach churn out of disgust.

Unfotunately... The way it is....
Capt. Arab 9/10/2007

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