Thursday, October 04, 2007

University of Pune vs Al Wefaq National Islamic Society

Today's GDN "200 Face Expulsion" from the University of Pune, in brief some 200 students will be fined no less $200 US Dollars in respect of overstaying their visa's. On the other hand we have the Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society, demanding to know the four W's... Why, Where, What, and Who. The case appears to be simple and as reported, a case where an immigration law has been broken and a fine is necessary.

Why do I always get the impression that the majority of us tend to break the law, overrun the landing strip and then expect others to understand. This is 2007, and it is due time we all wake up and understand that the law is the law. Just because you are being fined through self-inflicted sloppiness, we expect intervention and help from others. No Sir !!!!

As for Al-Wefaq, sorry to say that I fail to see the effectiveness of their intervention. Will they attempt to convince the Indian Immigration Authorities to waive this fine, or the University Student Office to cut the Bahraini students a bit of slack because it's Ramadan. The best way to learn is when you get a wrist slap from the law, the law has clearly been broken and there is nothing more to it... Shouldn't our Foreign and Education Ministries be advising students on the Do's and Dont's, or am I just babbling... The same way that you safeguard your passport, ID cards, credit cards and credentials; then it is just essential that you ensure that they are validated accordingly. Or maybe just because it is India, you think that the law can be broken and ultimately you will get away with it.

In simpler terms... University of Pune [1 - 0] Al-Wefaq National Islamic Society

The way it is.....
Capt. Arab 4/10/2007

3 comments: said...

Definately a point here; if the law is broken, they should be left to deal with it, and intervention is useless, actually. Otherwise, when are they ever going to learn to have any responsibility towards anything?

One point that suprises me is 200 students, all at once? I would have understood a few, five, maybe ten or even twenty students. But two hundred? This makes me feel that something is wrong, more so than just irresponsible students.

Is there some sort of flaw in the system?

Salman Al-Rahma said...

Couldn't that be the reason why Al Wefaq is checking? Shouldn't someone check this?

Anonymous said...

somewhat i think when you overstay your visa, you are asking for problems. Maybe they were lax with them and decided they would not tolerate it any more. I also think Wefaq have more serious issues to look into, the problem of the students should be fixed by the foreign ministry and not some political society.