Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Terror Film (The Kingdom) banned? Get realistic !!!

It's all over the papers, our Ministry of Information has banned the film "The Kingdom" from being released in Bahrain. Why?? Apparently the film covers some of the recent terrorist acts that took place in Saudi Arabia some time back.

According to the reviews the film does tend to be a typical American Hollywood production (guns and glory), but also looks at cultural differences on one hand, and on the other is a story (fictitious) that justifies itself in one form or another.

What are the chances that we will be able to get a decent copy from the DVD street hawks trading all over the Bab Al-Bahrain area (right outside the Ministry of Information Tourist Office) Opps... was I wasn't supposed to say that, Gudaibiya (Awal Cinema), or the Irani Market. For the fortunate ones, I guess can always download it from BITORRENT, Ares, You Tube and various other P2P sharing sites. Come on guys... It's 2007 The Age of Information, lets be realistic... Everything is accessible in one form or another. There are worst films which the Ministry allows to be released, that seriously do test the water and pose a big question on moral issues. Maybe such serious efforts should be spent to eradicate pornograpghy, prostitution, drugs, or even the DVD Street Hawks trading on the Minstry's doorstep.

By the way I forgot to mention that the lead star is Jamie Foxx.. It's bound to be a box-office hit, and find it's way to our home projectors sooner or later.

The way it is....
Capt. Arab 9/10/2007


ammaro.com said...

I suppose they think they're clever. People have all the power nowadays, and they don't like it.

And the problem is, theyre banning it because of some stupid technicality; that it actually talks about a bad event happening in an Arab country. Yep. Lets just hide it and pretend nothing ever happens, and no one will ever know. Yes. Thats how it is.

Eyad the Great said...

the super powers have talk from up above, and inspired them to Ban it, well, too bad we have Internet and a brain.

whats next? they will Ban TV, or maybe schools?

Sunshine said...

It's a good movie, and if the officials paid attention when they watched it (if they watched it?) they would have realised the message at the end is actualy a good one.. Other than that, hollywood has managed for once, to get a few things about us right (other than the thoub).. Too bad they'v banned it.

manutdfanatic said...

In today's day and age, banning certainly isn't the solution. If they like, they can hold press conferences and express their displeasure at the content of the movie publicily instead.

From what I've heard, they've banned it in the KSA too. Surprise surprise.