Monday, August 06, 2007

Fake Jobs? Really..

What do you mean fake jobs as reported in todays GDN.

The funny side to this situation is that we seem to know that a lot of labor from the Asian continent are making their way to Bahrain, obviously after paying vast amounts, and believe it or not these poor folks actually take loans from loan sharks with high interest payments, guarantee their family property, and resort to various means in order to make it over here to earn a few Dineros to send home.

Coming to think of it... I guess that accounts for the door-to-door knocking of Bengali's trying to score a few Dinars by washing cars, attending to gardens, etc...

Why can't the Immigration be more vigilant in their entry regulations, I mean when I travel to another country, we get asked the various questions (even though we have a valid visa), and which we have already answered on our visa application.

Some questions like:

Who are you working with; i.e. (employer)?
The profession being employed into?
What is your agreed monthly salary?
Do you have a copy of your work contract?

Questions like these, raise other questions which can ultimately provide an explanation surrounding mysterious visa circumstances that we always hear about. In reference to the article, Where is the Employer of these people? Obviously, they will be let loose to be absorbed into the free-visa labor market. Another funny thing is that, there is an amnesty for all free-visa workers.

I guess that's the way it is....

6/8/2007 Capt. Arab

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