Sunday, August 26, 2007

Lollipop Man

To me the Lollipop man has always been associated with the zebra crossing. The Lollipop man wore his bright yellow and orange luminous jacket, and held his “STOP” sign, like a gigantic lollipop whilst he guided pedestrians across the busy road.

One thing I’m sure of, all if not the majority of readers will agree that in Bahrain there is totally no regard for the zebra crossing or pedestrians in general. Most drivers will actually see a pedestrian standing at the zebra crossing waiting to cross (obviously), and still even if traffic is slow, will actually make no effort to stop to allow the crossing. Funny enough, some will actually try to tip-toe their car over the crossing just to avoid allowing the pedestrian to cross. I mean, What the hell is this… How long will you get delayed? A couple of seconds…. Wawwww… Sorry for interrupting your busy schedule.

From living in the UK, you tend to learn some driving ethics, just as thanking somebody when given a pass or opportunity to slip in, makes a big difference for all. Stuff like indicating, lets others know your next course of action, over-taking in the right manner is safe driving. I once parked near a zebra crossing, and got fined 40 pounds, and got 3 points on my driving license for blocking the pedestrians view whilst crossing. At the time being a rebel, I didn’t appreciate the concept that much, but over the years I have learnt that sometimes if you give, you can take and ultimately reach home in one piece, with a smile plastered on your face. Nobody can ever imagine the thought of running somebody over, when you actually had a chance to help them cross safely. I mean, Who could sleep knowing that he was indirectly involved in somebody’s death. It’s a feeling that I wish it upon nobody.

Would it be wishful thinking to hope that our Traffic Directorate would one day actually implement some form of system, where violators are penalized and fined. Maybe one day when the actual traffic warden stops somebody for having an infant in the front seat, without any seatbelts… (seatbelts already buckled but from behind the seat), I guess that will be the day. The cost is easily justified by fines, and awareness is made public. When people get their wallets pinched, trust me… The word travels like wild fire.. Until then, drive safe and give others a chance, and remember that pedestrians have rights on the road too !!!

The way it is….
26/8/2007 Capt. Arab

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