Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Blame America !!!!

Why do we always have the tendency to blame America for everything that we can’t sort out. It got me thinking realistically.. Yes, a lot of us do not agree with the American policies especially when it comes to the Middle-East, but we never consider the other side of the equation. We as Arab countries (just like any other country) have our good points and our bad points, put that in a scale and believe me you, we don’t differ that much in retrospective.
Looking at America realistically, we tend to forget that America provides aid to some of the starving countries which we as Muslims should be sympathetic to. America has done some good deeds in her life-time, think about the Arab’s (Palestinian, Iraq, Syria, even GCC countries) who were forced out or exiled from their homes by occupation, injustice, war, etc. Did any Arab country open their arms and say.. “come along, our home is your home?” Nope… Instead, America welcomed them, provided a source of hope, security, citizenship, and schooling for them.
Look at America on the legal side, America is court marshalling the soldiers who were implicated in inhumane treatment towards Iraqi prisoners at Abu-Gharieb and Iraqi civilians. Which of our countries would do that? At least America exposes their flaws even when it comes to the President, rather than brush the crumbs under the carpet and hope that the problem will disappear.
There are many examples that could be elaborated on.. Look at America on the Aid side of things, they provide annual budgets for various programs in various countries, not necessarily with a political agenda, but more on the humanitarian side.
What really annoys me though are the religious misfits which we have, they always point the finger of blame towards America a.k.a. (The Great Satan) according to them. They seem to forget that their car (Ford Grand Marquis, Crown Victoria, Chevrolet, and Caprice) are all American. Their pirated version of Windows XP comes from? (America is it?), Who invented air-conditioning? Arabs.. Nope.. Americans?? The telephone? America again… How do they justify their pathetic remarks? They say, I quote.. “you shouldn’t buy brand new American products, but it’s ok to buy second-hand”. When it comes to software, they say “it’s ok to pirate the software, because you are not benefiting them financially”. The best one though… They say “if you can use them or their technology, products to your benefit it’s ok, as long as you don’t benefit them directly”.
That is a heavy load of BS (JCB style), the kind that a shovel could not handle, How much more hypocritical can we get… This is coming from fools who wear the “thoub and turban” of Islam, and proclaim to adhere to the manners and teaching of the Holy Prophet. Take a hike buddy !!!!
Next time you go on holiday, make sure you change you money into some other currency, other than the US Dollar.
Maybe it’s time we quit flapping our gums, and do something about something, rather than whine about America being unfair (boo-hooo). That my friends is light years away. By the time we figure out our heads from our tails, in the meantime America will remain to be what it is and nothing will change that.
Just to conclude with something worth mentioning from the Holy Quran, Surah 13 (ar’Rad) Verse 11: “أن الله لا يغير ما بقوم حتى يغيروا ما بأنفسهم”, translated as: “Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves”

That’s the way it is… (for now unfortunately)
21/8/2007 Capt. Arab


Anonymous said...

Amen to that my brother!

sillybahrainigirl said...

Why do we always have the tendency to blame America for everything that we can’t sort out....

mmmm... a possible answer to that could be because we don't have the courage nor the legal framework in place to protect us when we speak out against our countries and the atrocities which take place in it.

America is the easiest to point fingers at .. and you have the turbaned fanatics to back you too!

Shawn said...

Excellent post!

As an American, I admit that I tend to be harshest of all when it comes to criticizing my country because I feel like I (should) have some control over it... And while I will never stop working to fix the problems of my country and how it deals with others, I do appreciate the introspection that I think a lot of the Arab world needs.

There is no doubt that America has done much harm to the region but it's also nice to see someone willing to spread the criticism and I, as an American, appreciate that.

Keep up the good work!

Ammar456 said...

When you're frustrated and don't know how to fix your problems, you tend to point the finger at someone else; so this is what people are doing, especially our turbaned friends; ah, hell with America, the great Satan, they say. And then you see them driving around in their Chevy, and ordering a drive-thru meal at McDonalds. Lol.

Concerned 'Citizen X' said...

Oh Captain, my Captain...

You seem to be missing the big picture; the things you say about our Arab countries are TRUE. But we expect that from this part of the world.

America does not have that freedom or right, for it proclaims to stand for all that is good. I suggest you take all that they are feeding you through their news outlets with a 10kg bag of salt.

I'm no historian nor do i have the full facts, but if you go back, at least to the last fifty years, you'd see that American had a hand in many of the conflicts around the world, via their CID or other secret organisations, this is no conspiracy theory.

Also, please tell me how many times the American government has used its VETO to assist Israel from being tagged or reprimanded by the United Nations.

Yes, ARAB leaders do nothing, we expect that, and we do not have the freedom to do anything about it. This was clearly brought to light some time back by Gudaffi when he announced the decision of an extraordinary Arab League meeting, two days before they met.

Why do you think the Arab leaders continue with such policies, could it be that they have the backing of a Superpower or two, in exchange for the continuous flow of OIL. I wonder.

The American people are not to blame, well most of them are not to blame any ways. It’s the Government's foreign Policy and the Special interest groups and lobbyists that run the show.

The ordinary Joe in the states is trying to earn their living and live their lives the way they deem fit.

I suggest you look at some of the programmes make by Michael Moore, they will paint a different picture of the troubles within America itself. Not EVERYTHING IS PEACHY IN Never Never land.

Yes, we love the American programs and their goods; we follow culture changes and try to imitate some of them. A lot of life’s necessities were invented in America, don’t rub it in. Muslim scholar and Doctors were ahead of their times, but the Arab mentality prevailed and we went astray.

In the end, yes the Arab states will gradually change, but I’m sure it will not be within our life time, yet what America is doing Unilaterally is not right and it must be said, we should also question our Muslim leadership, their decisions and commends affect us all, negatively or positively.

Overall, it’s nice to be able to say things you feel and believe in and not be reprimanded.


SILVER said...

America's policy in the Middle East is a result not a cause.
The cause is our weekness and the strngth of Isreal or the Zionest.
So i agree the core of the problem is our self

Concerned 'Citizen X' said...


America's foreign policy is a a cause, never a because of, this goes back way before 9/11, they have had such a pre-emptive policy since the 18 hundreds.


Capt. Arab said...

In response to CX… I totally agree with what you are saying regarding America and Americans in general. I have seen Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbia and many other documentaries by Michael Moore and others, in which I have the transparency and exposure of the subject itself. My point which I wanted to emphasis on is that we have the tendency to always blame others for our problems, we should use that energy to build our nation, build ourselves, be forward thinkers, evaluate and decide. True that America has such policies that don’t necessarily bring a smile to everybody’s face, but put that aside look at the good things that America is doing.
Yes, once upon a time Arabs were the thinkers of the world, physics, chemistry, medicine, mathematics, astrology and lets not forget literature were our specialty. There is no harm in sharing knowledge and knowing how the others live if that betters our standards, but let’s not fool ourselves… We are changing but not at the rate that we expect, change comes slow and whether we like it or not, it is a group effort rather than individual. It’s time we pulled up our socks; buckle our seatbelts, because it’s going to be a rough ride. We can either lead the way, or take a back seat and fall asleep until the last stop.

Ammar456 said...

sure, America's policies might have caused certain unrest in the region. Yes, we know that. But again, that doesn't mean we should blame them for everything, instead of trying to actually do something about it. This is the general attitude given by Arabs for some reason; we don't wanna work, we just wanna pretend to be the victim, oh its this guys fault, its that guys fault, and so on. Thats why we'll never get anywhere, unless we decide to take things into our own hands and wake up!

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