Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fate my arse!!!

What really annoys me is when you are driving and some idiot is tail-gating you. I mean what is wrong with this fool.. He’s driving a mini-bus with tinted out windows, full of veiled female passengers (apparently being transported from some summer camp or educational institute).
I’m driving down the Hamala Avenue doing around 80km/h; there are three cars ahead of me and it obvious day-light. The fool is flashing me with his headlights… Where am I supposed to go? So I give him the hand gesture..

Anyway, some way or another he manages to overtake me and slips right in front of me, only due to an on-coming truck. Funny thing is… There’s this slogan on his rear window, you can’t miss it, it says..
“نمشي على الدرب ولا ندري عن المكتوب” translated as: “we take the path, and have no knowledge about our fate”.

WTF !!!! Come on… If you think risking people’s lives with pure stupidity with little or no consideration for others will get you from A to B safely.. Think again.. You were lucky this time.

Where were the traffic cops when you need them, then again… What would they do? Slap a BD5 fine? It’s time the traffic implemented some form of points system just like the UK and most European countries. Only then will people appreciate and follow the law when it comes to seat-belts, children, speeding, parking, and general driving rules.

I guess that’s the way it is…
16/8/2007 Capt. Arab


Ammar456 said...

Humph... I hear they're actually planning on starting a points system, but again, theyre gonna be basing it on stupid things; seatbelt wasnt worn, you parked in the wrong spot. duh.

Capt. Arab said...

that's why others will always lead the way.. Look at Dubai