Monday, August 06, 2007

What are they gonna do about it??

Don't know if any of you actually pay attention to the news every once in a while, there is always an article about someone being caught in a drugs bust, or quite recently the 300kg haul, the drugs warehouse in Sitra or Eker (can't remember), and the every other-day bust of some teenager being clipped for being stoned and parked on the highway and acting weird.

The question that always occurs to me, especially when the article mentions that the accused has a history of drug abuse is... Why is nothing being done in terms of rehabilitation for the drug addict. I know in some countries such as the US and the UK, and clearly evident in their films, soaps and TV episodes that the Judge would normally offer the accused a second chance in life, by sentencing him on conditions and rewards.

Some good recommendations for such sentencing would be like...
  • Community Service (haul the lot of them over to Zallaq Beach and let them clean up)
  • Clinical Rehab (stage by stage treatment for the serious ones who really wanna quit)
  • Vocational Training (offer them alternative training to further help them get a job)
  • Counseling & Guidance (assign a case worker, offer forums where reformed ex-addicts get to share their experience with them)
Basically what happens over here is that the accused gets busted, goes to court, depending on the quantity in question gets a custodial sentence, bail or a pathetic fine, out on the street again, no job, nothing else to do, gets busted again... and the circle repeats itself.

Obviously, different addictions require different approaches, and different people respond differently to change. The same goes for petty thieves, joy-riders, and other minor crimes.. If we do not attempt to address the wrong with the right, we will always have those frequent visitors who keep the prison system occupied.

Most times the opportunity prospect of a second chance, with the correct guidance, end result and system mechanism in place, can change a person for the better... A half-assed effort will always yield the same result, if not worse...

I guess that's the way it is...
7/8/2007 Capt. Arab

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Ammar456 said...

that's because our drug addicts are considered animals, not human. They don't deserve a second chance in anything at all, and after getting caught, they are thrown all the way to the bottom of this society. No one cares here.

Unfortunately, people who do drugs aren't necessarily low-life scum. Some are good, clever, hard working people who have just been exposed to the wrong side of life. But this is not all we need; we need alcohol and substance abuse centers in general, and they need to be very private and confidential (it doesn't take much to scare people away from these places here)